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GPS for WEALTH is YOUR Roadmap to Growth, Success, and Abundance

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Genuinely Productive Strategies

    From M to N

    Often our thinking about what is real and what is realistic in our life gets...

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    Velcro Thinking

    You and I know that there have been many wonderful, creative inventions in the world...

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    If you work in sales or in any field, this little gem will expand your...

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Golden Principle Solutions

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  • “GPS Wealth is full of super information and advice that is guaranteed to improve your life if you understand and apply it to your everyday routine. Bruce McGregor has taken the principles of personal growth and success and explained them in a way that every reader can use.”

    Jennifer Colford

    International Best Selling Author of Managing Mothering

  • “Every now and then you meet people who have a huge impact on your thinking. Bruce is one of these people. He listens, and truly hears you. Then he gives very insightful comments that make the world of difference in whatever you’re doing. I really enjoy learning from Bruce. Listen to him, he puts things in such a way that anyone can ‘get it’.”

    Jill Hutchison

    Perth, Australia

  • “I have known Bruce for quite a few years and he is an incredible coach. He has an ability to uplift and help you shift from where you are to where you want to be like not many do. Work with Bruce and enjoy the ride to success.”

    Ihren Abrahamsson

    Oslo, Norway