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GPS_3dleftA book that is not only inspiring and informational but will leave you feeling energized, nurtured and encouraged to live the life of your dreams. GPS Wealth is a true abundance driven book with all the how-tos needed to live a success driven life whether it be related to your finances, relationships, health or personal fulfillment.

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Learn – Giants Provide Shoulders

Throughout history, successful people have learned from the great minds that came before them. We have a tendency today to dismiss the world that existed before the digital age. “They didn’t have the technology.” “They were primitive in their understanding.” “We weren’t treated equally.”, etc. These are some of the rationalizations used to dismiss the past. We need to re-think our ideas on this issue. When Sir Isaac Newton, the father of Physics was asked why he was the smartest person of his age, he replied: “It is not that I have been so intelligent, I have merely stood on the shoulders of the giants that have gone before me. This enabled me to see further.” Isn’t it time for you to stand on the shoulders of giants and see further in your own life?

Energize – Genius Providing Study

We are not well served by our education system today. In most countries, you study the information presented to you by the teacher and you discuss it in class – then later there is a test to determine whether or not you have learned the assigned information. This approach seems to work reasonably well on a short-term basis at the time the testing is done if the work is diligently attended to and understood by the class. Believe me, I know. I worked in public education as a teacher, consultant and Principal for close to 35 years! But, we deceive ourselves into believing we have ‘learned’ something and usually, when our time in school is completed, we discover that we have forgotten the information. We need to get on a better track in our adult life and commit to continue learning about ourself and what is going on INSIDE. You did NOT learn about that in school! Isn’t it time to connect with your Inner Genius?

Nurture – Growth Promoting Sensibility

What nurtures you? What kind of lifestyle provides the keys to the kingdom of growth, success and abundance that you desire? Do you find at times that as you strive to move towards your ideal lifestyle that obstacles form in your path and that you encounter resistance and pushback that prevent you from moving closer to your dreams? Does logic tell you that this should not be happening? That your plans and the way you are seeking to execute them are being controlled by external circumstances? Are you feeling not nurtured, but opposed and controlled most of the time? This is a clear indication that you are heading down the wrong roads. Your inner GPS is NOT set on Wealth. Let me show you how to get back on YOUR roadmap to Wealth by working with your Higher Self. Enhance your growth by signing up for GPS Coaching on Skype!

Encourage – Gratitude Producing Spirit

As we all know, a GPS tells you where you are, asks you where you want to go, then shows you how to get there in a most effective manner. The GPS for Wealth program will help you develop your inner GPS, now lying dormant or underused in your mind, to help you determine where you are, where you want to go, then show you how to get there in a most effective manner. What are you grateful for in your life? …truly grateful for? When you begin to think about it and develop a keen understanding of the importance of being deeply grateful for EVERYTHING in your life, you begin to connect with the Source that has brought ALL good things into your life! You are a unique individual with enormous potential – be grateful for YOU! Applying the ideas and principles in the GPS for Wealth program WILL change your life! Begin today and get your copy RIGHT NOW!