Turning On The Lights

GPS Wealth


If you work in sales or in any field, this little gem will expand your awareness to not only keep “on task” – but will also stimulate your energy field to make you feel lighter and better equipped to use your unlimited talents and potential to help connect people with what they need and want […]

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Velcro Thinking

You and I know that there have been many wonderful, creative inventions in the world that have helped to improve the quality of our lives today. I am sure that you can create a list of many of those wonderful creations. Here are two – Velcro and Teflon. Velcro helps things to “stick” to anything […]

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From M to N

Often our thinking about what is real and what is realistic in our life gets confused. We make the mistake of assuming that we are not allowed or able to have the better things in life that more “famous” or “rich/lucky” people have. Stop – right now. This thinking is WRONG. Don’t focus on what […]

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