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Bruce-McG---Webinar-PicYour GPS Coaching – A Personal Opportunity for You to have Incredible Growth right now Via Phone or Skype!
Are you looking to make a quantum leap in your life? Are you ready to receive personal, affordable, professional, supportive coaching & masterminding? Speak with me 4 times a month, tell me what you want and I can show you how to get it. We will meet in small groups (5-6 max) weekly on a 50-55 minute call via phone or Skype. GPS Coaching will provide you with teaching, study and masterminding and take your awareness to the next level.

You can “stay connected” with this amazing material and really expand your inner GPS for Wealth!

Your Investment in YOUR SUCCESS!!

After more than 7 years of study and decades of experience in numerous industries Bruce has decided to take all of his knowledge and package it into 3 different, comprehensive, life-enhancing coaching programs.

If you want to make more money …
If you want to improve your personal and professional relationships …
If you want to live a more fulfilled life …

  1. 6-month GPS Coaching – $900.00 (An incredible value at $ 141.67 per month!)
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  3. 12-month GPS Coaching Program – $ 1500.00 ($ 125.00 per month – a 17% Saving!)
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  5. 18-month GPS Coaching Program – $ 2016.00 ($112.00 per month – a 25% Saving!!)
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Please Note – Regular weekly call times are set when you start your program, with your agreement. It is your responsibility to be available via phone or Skype at your pre-set call time. Calls will be recorded for participants to review online at a later time. No allowance for missed calls and no refunds.

**Graduates of the Bob Proctor Matrixx Program may be eligible for a one-time discount on the 12-month or 18-month coaching program. Call for details.